Water bear to Water lettuce

Water bear
(Wa"ter bear`) (Zoöl.) Any species of Tardigrada, 2. See Illust. of Tardigrada.

(Wa"ter-bear`er) n. (Astron.) The constellation Aquarius.

Water bed
(Wa"ter bed`) A kind of mattress made of, or covered with, waterproof fabric and filled with water. It is used in hospitals for bedridden patients.

Water beech
(Wa"ter beech`) (Bot.) The American hornbeam. See Hornbeam.

Water beetle
(Wa"ter bee"tle) (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of aquatic beetles belonging to Dytiscus and allied genera of the family Dytiscidæ, and to various genera of the family Hydrophilidæ. These beetles swim with great agility, the fringed hind legs acting together like oars.

Water bellows
(Wa"ter bel"lows) Same as Tromp.

Water bird
(Wa"ter bird`) (Zoöl.) Any aquatic bird; a water fowl.

Water blackbird
(Wa"ter black"bird) (Zoöl.) The European water ousel, or dipper.

(Wa"ter*board`) n. A board set up to windward in a boat, to keep out water. Ham. Nav. Encyc.

Water boatman
(Wa"ter boat`man) (Zoöl.) A boat bug.

(Wa"ter*bok`) n. [D.] (Zoöl.) A water buck.

(Wa"ter-bound`) a. Prevented by a flood from proceeding.

Water brain
(Wa"ter brain`) A disease of sheep; gid.

Water brash
(Wa"ter brash`) (Med.) See under Brash.

Water breather
(Wa"ter breath"er) (Zoöl.) Any arthropod that breathes by means of gills.

Water bridge
(Wa"ter bridge`) (Steam Boilers) See Water table.

Water buck
(Wa"ter buck`) (Zoöl.) A large, heavy antelope (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) native of Central Africa. It frequents the banks of rivers and is a good swimmer. It has a white ring around the rump. Called also photomok, water antelope, and waterbok.

The name is also applied to other related species, as the leche which has similar habits.

Water buffalo
(Wa"ter buf"fa*lo) (Zoöl.) The European buffalo.

Water bug
(Wa"ter bug`) (Zoöl.) (a) The Croton bug. (b) Any one of numerous species of large, rapacious, aquatic, hemipterous insects belonging to Belostoma, Benacus, Zaitha, and other genera of the family Belostomatidæ. Their hind legs are long and fringed, and act like oars. Some of these insects are of great size, being among the largest existing Hemiptera. Many of them come out of the water and fly about at night.

Water butt
(Wa"ter butt`) A large, open-headed cask, set up on end, to contain water. Dickens.

Water caltrop
(Wa"ter cal"trop) (Bot.) The water chestnut.

Water can
(Wa"ter can`) (Bot.) Any one of several species of Nuphar; the yellow frog lily; — so called from the shape of the seed vessel. See Nuphar, and cf. Candock. Dr. Prior.

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