Table of contents
W to Wading  
Wadmol to Wagonage  
Wagoner to Wake  
Wakeful to Wall  
Wallaba to Wanderoo  
Wandy to War  
War-beaten to Warehousing  
Wareless to Warp  
Warpage to Wash  
Washable to Wasteness  
Waster to Water battery  
Water bear to Water lettuce  
Water level to Water tick  
Water tiger to Wax  
Waxberry to Waywodeship  
Wayworn to Wear  
Wearable to Weave  
Weaver to Weed  
Weeder to Weigh  
Weighable to Well  
Welladay to Wench  
Wencher to Weyleway  
Weyve to Wheal  
Whealworm to Whelp  
When to Whet  
Whether to Whilom  
Whilst to Whipster  
Whipstick to Whist  
Whistle to White  
Whiteback to Whittle  
Whittlings to Whose  
Whosesoever to Widow  
Widow bird to Wild  
Wild-cat to Willock  
Will-o'-the-wisp to Wind  
Windage to Wineglass  
Wineglassful to Winter  
Winter-beaten to Wise  
Wiseacre to Wit-cracker  
Witcraft to Withsay  
Withset to Wol  
Wold to Wondrous  
Wone to Wooden  
Woodenly to Word  
Wordbook to Workyday  
World to Worse  
Worsen to Wound  
Woundable to Wreche  
Wreck to Wring  
Wringbolt to Wronghead  
Wrongheaded to Wyvern  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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