Water tiger to Wax

Water tiger
(Wa"ter ti"ger) (Zoöl.) A diving, or water, beetle, especially the larva of a water beetle. See Illust. b of Water beetle.

(Wa"ter-tight`) a. So tight as to retain, or not to admit, water; not leaky.

Water torch
(Wa"ter torch`) (Bot.) The common cat-tail the spike of which makes a good torch soaked in oil. Dr. Prior.

Water tower
(Wa"ter tow"er) A large metal pipe made to be extended vertically by sections, and used for discharging water upon burning buildings.

Water tree
(Wa"ter tree`) (Bot.) A climbing shrub (Tetracera alnifolia, or potatoria) of Western Africa, which pours out a watery sap from the freshly cut stems.

Water trefoil
(Wa"ter tre"foil`) (Bot.) The buck bean.

Water tube
(Wa"ter tube`) (Zoöl.) One of a system of tubular excretory organs having external openings, found in many invertebrates. They are believed to be analogous in function to the kidneys of vertebrates. See Illust. under Trematodea, and Sporocyst.

Water tupelo
(Wa"ter tu"pe*lo) (Bot.) A species of large tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) growing in swamps in the southern of the United States. See Ogeechee lime.

Water turkey
(Wa"ter tur"key) (Zoöl.) The American snakebird. See Snakebird.

Water tu tuyère
(Wa"ter tu tu`yère") A tuyère kept cool by water circulating within a casing. It is used for hot blast.

Water tu twist
(Wa"ter tu twist`) Yarn made by the throstle, or water frame.

Water vine
(Wa"ter vine`) (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Phytocrene, climbing shrubs of Asia and Africa, the stems of which are singularly porous, and when cut stream with a limpid potable juice.

Water violet
(Wa"ter vi"o*let) (Bot.) See under Violet.

Water viper
(Wa"ter vi"per) (Zoöl.) See Water moccasin.

Water vole
(Wa"ter vole`) (Zoöl.) See under Vole.

Water wagtail
(Wa"ter wag"tail`) See under Wagtail.

(Wa"ter*way`) n. (Naut.) Heavy plank or timber extending fore and aft the whole length of a vessel's deck at the line of junction with the sides, forming a channel to the scuppers, which are cut through it. In iron vessels the waterway is variously constructed.

Water way
(Wa"ter way`). Same as Water course.

(Wa"ter*weed`) n. (Bot.) See Anacharis.

Water wheel
(Wa"ter wheel`)

1. Any wheel for propelling machinery or for other purposes, that is made to rotate by the direct action of water; — called an overshot wheel when the water is applied at the top, an undershot wheel when at the bottom, a breast wheel when at an intermediate point; other forms are called reaction wheel, vortex wheel, turbine wheel, etc.

2. The paddle wheel of a steam vessel.

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