Tabby moth(Zoöl.), the grease moth. See under Grease.

(Tab"by), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tabbied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Tabbying ] To water; to cause to look wavy, by the process of calendering; to calender; as, to tabby silk, mohair, ribbon, etc.

(Tab`e*fac"tion) n. [See Tabefy.] A wasting away; a gradual losing of flesh by disease.

(Tab"e*fy) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Tabefied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Tabefying ] [L. tabere to waste away + -fy: cf. L. tabefacere to melt.] To cause to waste gradually, to emaciate. [R.] Harvey.

(Ta*bel"lion) n. [L. tabellio, fr. tabella a tablet, a writing, document, dim. of tabula a board: cf. F. tabellion. See Table.] A secretary or notary under the Roman empire; also, a similar officer in France during the old monarchy.

(Ta"ber) v. i. Same as Tabor. Nahum ii. 7.

(Tab"erd) n. See Tabard.

(Tab"er*na*cle) n. [F., fr. L. tabernaculum, dim. of taberna nut. See Tabern.]

1. A slightly built or temporary habitation; especially, a tent.

Dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob.
Heb. xi. 9.

Orange trees planted in the ground, and secured in winter with a wooden tabernacle and stoves.

2. (Jewish Antiq.) A portable structure of wooden framework covered with curtains, which was carried through the wilderness in the Israelitish exodus, as a place of sacrifice and worship. Ex. xxvi.

(Tab"a*ret) n. [Cf. Tabby.] A stout silk having satin stripes, — used for furniture.

(Tab`a*sheer") n. [Per. tabashir: cf. Skr. tvakkshira, tvakshira.] A concretion in the joints of the bamboo, which consists largely or chiefly of pure silica. It is highly valued in the East Indies as a medicine for the cure of bilious vomitings, bloody flux, piles, and various other diseases.

(Tab"bi*net) n. [Cf. Tabby.] A fabric like poplin, with a watered surface. [Written also tabinet.]

(Tab"by) n.; pl. Tabbies [F. tabis (cf. It. tabì, Sp. & Pg. tabí, LL. attabi), fr. Ar. 'attabi, properly the name of a quarter of Bagdad where it was made, the quarter being named from the prince Attab, great grandson of Omeyya. Cf. Tobine.]

1. A kind of waved silk, usually called watered silk, manufactured like taffeta, but thicker and stronger. The watering is given to it by calendering.

2. A mixture of lime with shells, gravel, or stones, in equal proportions, with an equal proportion of water. When dry, this becomes as hard as rock. Weale.

3. A brindled cat; hence, popularly, any cat.

4. An old maid or gossip. [Colloq.] Byron.

(Tab"by) a.

1. Having a wavy or watered appearance; as, a tabby waistcoat. Pepys.

2. Brindled; diversified in color; as, a tabby cat.

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