Watchman beetle(Zoöl.), the European dor.Watchman's clock, a watchman's detector in which the apparatus for recording the times of visiting several stations is contained within a single clock. Watchman's detector, or Watchman's time detector, an apparatus for recording the time when a watchman visits a station on his rounds.Watchman's rattle, an instrument having at the end of a handle a revolving arm, which, by the action of a strong spring upon cogs, produces, when in motion, a loud, harsh, rattling sound.

(Watch"tow`er) n. A tower in which a sentinel is placed to watch for enemies, the approach of danger, or the like.

(Watch"word`) n.

1. A word given to sentinels, and to such as have occasion to visit the guards, used as a signal by which a friend is known from an enemy, or a person who has a right to pass the watch from one who has not; a countersign; a password.

2. A sentiment or motto; esp., one used as a rallying cry or a signal for action.

Nor deal in watchwords overmuch.

(Wa"ter) n. [AS. wæter; akin to OS. watar, OFries. wetir, weter, LG. & D. water, G. wasser, OHG. wazzar, Icel. vatn, Sw. vatten, Dan. vand, Goth. wato, O. Slav. & Russ. voda, Gr. 'y`dwr, Skr. udan water, ud to wet, and perhaps to L. unda wave. &radic137. Cf. Dropsy, Hydra, Otter, Wet, Whisky.]

1. The fluid which descends from the clouds in rain, and which forms rivers, lakes, seas, etc. "We will drink water." Shak. "Powers of fire, air, water, and earth." Milton.

(Watchet) a. [Probably from F. vaciet bilberry, whortleberry; cf. L. vaccinium blueberry, whortleberry.] Pale or light blue. [Obs.] "Watchet mantles." Spenser.

Who stares in Germany at watchet eyes?

(Watch"ful) a. Full of watch; vigilant; attentive; careful to observe closely; observant; cautious; — with of before the thing to be regulated or guarded; as, to be watchful of one's behavior; and with against before the thing to be avoided; as, to be watchful against the growth of vicious habits. "Many a watchful night." Shak. "Happy watchful shepherds." Milton.

'Twixt prayer and watchful love his heart dividing.

Syn. — Vigilant; attentive; cautious; observant; circumspect; wakeful; heedful.

Watch"ful*ly, adv.Watch"ful*ness, n.

(Watch"house`) n.; pl. Watchhouses

1. A house in which a watch or guard is placed.

2. A place where persons under temporary arrest by the police of a city are kept; a police station; a lockup.

(Watch"mak`er) n. One whose occupation is to make and repair watches.

(Watch"man) n.; pl. Watchmen

1. One set to watch; a person who keeps guard; a guard; a sentinel.

2. Specifically, one who guards a building, or the streets of a city, by night.

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