Dropping bottle, an instrument used to supply small quantities of a fluid to a test tube or other vessel.Dropping fire, a continued irregular discharge of firearms.Dropping tube, a tube for ejecting any liquid in drops.

(Drop"ping*ly), adv. In drops.

(Drop"si*cal) a. [From Dropsy.]

1. Diseased with dropsy; hydropical; tending to dropsy; as, a dropsical patient.

2. Of or pertaining to dropsy.

(Drop"si*cal*ness), n. State of being dropsical.

(Drop"sied) a. Diseased with drops. Shak.

(Drop"sy) n.; pl. Dropsies [OE. dropsie, dropesie, OF. idropisie, F. hydropisie, L. hydropisis, fr. Gr. dropsy, fr. water. See Water, and cf. Hydropsy.] (Med.) An unnatural collection of serous fluid in any serous cavity of the body, or in the subcutaneous cellular tissue. Dunglison.

(Dropt) imp. & p. p. of Drop, v. G. Eliot.

(Drop"wise`) adv. After the manner of a drop; in the form of drops.

Trickling dropwise from the cleft.

(Drop"worm`) n. (Zoöl.) The larva of any geometrid moth, which drops from trees by means of a thread of silk, as the cankerworm.

Droplet to Drudge

(Drop"let) n. A little drop; a tear. Shak.

(Drop"light`) n. An apparatus for bringing artificial light down from a chandelier nearer to a table or desk; a pendant.

(Drop"meal`, Drop"mele`) adv. [AS. drop-m&aemacrlum; dropa drop + m&aemacrl portion. Cf. Piecemeal.] By drops or small portions. [Obs.]

Distilling dropmeal, a little at once.

(Drop"per) n.

1. One who, or that which, drops. Specif.: (Fishing) A fly that drops from the leader above the bob or end fly.

2. A dropping tube.

3. (Mining) A branch vein which drops off from, or leaves, the main lode.

4. (Zoöl.) A dog which suddenly drops upon the ground when it sights game, — formerly a common, and still an occasional, habit of the setter.

(Drop"ping) n.

1. The action of causing to drop or of letting drop; falling.

2. pl. That which falls in drops; the excrement or dung of animals.

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