Vintage spring, a wine fount.Vintage time, the time of gathering grapes and making wine. Milton.

(Vint"a*ger) n. [From Vintage: cf. F. vendangeur.] One who gathers the vintage.

(Vint"a*ging) n. The act of gathering the vintage, or crop of grapes.

(Vint"ner) n. [OE. vintener, viniter, OF. vinetier, vinotier, LL. vinetarius, fr. L. vinetum a vineyard, fr. vinum wine. See Wine.] One who deals in wine; a wine seller, or wine merchant.

Vingt et un
(||Vingt` et` un") [F., twenty and one.] A game at cards, played by two or more persons. The fortune of each player depends upon obtaining from the dealer such cards that the sum of their pips, or spots, is twenty-one, or a number near to it.

(Vingt`un") n. Contraction for Vingt et un.

(Vin"ic) a. (Chem.) Of or pertaining to wine; as, vinic alcohol.

(Vin"i*cul`ture) n. [L. vinum wine + cultura culture.] The cultivation of the vine, esp. for making wine; viticulture.

(Vin"newed) a. [See Fenowed.] Moldy; musty. [Written also vinewed.] [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

Vin"newed*ness, n. [Obs.]

Many of Chaucer's words are become, as it were, vinnewed and hoary with over-long lying.
F. Beaumont.

(Vin"ny) a. Vinnewed. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

(Vin"o*len*cy) n. [L. vinolentina. See Vinolent.] Drunkennes. [Obs.]

(Vin"o*lent) a. [L. vinolentus, fr. vinum wine.] Given to wine; drunken; intemperate. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Vin*om"e*ter) n. [L. vinum vine + -meter.] An instrument for determining the strength or purity of wine by measuring its density.

Vin ordinaire
(||Vin` or`di`naire") [F., lit., common wine.] A cheap claret, used as a table wine in France.

(Vi*nose") a. Vinous.

(Vi*nos"i*ty) n. [L. vinositas: cf. F. vinosité.] The quality or state of being vinous.

(Vi"nous) a. [L. vinosus, fr. vinum wine: cf. F. vineux. See Wine.] Of or pertaining to wine; having the qualities of wine; as, a vinous taste.

(Vin"quish) n. (Far.) See Vanquish, n.

(Vint"age) n. [Corrupted by influence of vintner, vintry, from OE. vindage, vendage, for vendange, OF. vendenge, F. vendange, from L. vindemia; vinum wine, grapes + demere to take off; de + emere, originally, to take. See Wine, Redeem, and cf. Vindemial.]

1. The produce of the vine for one season, in grapes or in wine; as, the vintage is abundant; the vintage of 1840.

2. The act or time of gathering the crop of grapes, or making the wine for a season.

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