Table of contents
V to Vagary  
Vagient to Valerianaceous  
Valerianate to Value  
Valued to Vanish  
Vanishing to Variable  
Variableness to Vartabed  
Varuna to Vault  
Vaultage to Vegetive  
Vegeto-animal to Velvet  
Velvetbreast to Vengeful  
Vengement to Venture  
Venturer to Verdigris  
Verdin to Vermin  
Verminate to Versute  
Vert to Vesper  
Vesperal to Veto  
Vetoist to Vice  
Viced to Viduation  
Viduity to Village  
Villager to Vine  
Vineal to Violoncello  
Violone to Virtue  
Virtueless to Visit  
Visitable to Vitrificate  
Vitrification to Vocal  
Vocalic to Voided  
Voider to Voltaplast  
Voltatype to Vomiturition  
Vondsira to Voyageur  
Voyol to Vying  

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