Sickle pod(Bot.), a kind of rock cress (Arabis Canadensis) having very long curved pods.

(Sic"kle*bill`) n. (Zoöl.) (a) Any one of three species of humming birds of the genus Eutoxeres, native of Central and South America. They have a long and strongly curved bill. Called also the sickle- billed hummer. (b) A curlew. (c) A bird of the genus Epimachus and allied genera.

(Sic"kled) a. Furnished with a sickle.

(Sic"kle*man) n.; pl. Sicklemen One who uses a sickle; a reaper.

You sunburned sicklemen, of August weary.

(Sic"kler) n. One who uses a sickle; a sickleman; a reaper.

(Sick"less) a. Free from sickness. [R.]

Give me long breath, young beds, and sickless ease.

(Sic"kle*wort`) n. [AS. sicolwyrt.] (Bot.) (a) A plant of the genus Coronilla (C. scorpioides); — so named from its curved pods. (b) The healall

(Sick"lied) a. Made sickly. See Sickly, v.

(Sick"li*ness) n. The quality or state of being sickly.

(Sick"ly) a. [Compar. Sicklier ; superl. Sickliest.]

1. Somewhat sick; disposed to illness; attended with disease; as, a sickly body.

This physic but prolongs thy sickly days.

2. Producing, or tending to, disease; as, a sickly autumn; a sickly climate. Cowper.

3. Appearing as if sick; weak; languid; pale.

The moon grows sickly at the sight of day.

Nor torrid summer's sickly smile.

4. Tending to produce nausea; sickening; as, a sickly smell; sickly sentimentality.

1. Somewhat sick or diseased.

2. Somewhat sickening; as, a sickish taste.

Sick"ish*ly, adv.Sick"ish*ness, n.

(Sic"kle) n. [OE. sikel, AS. sicol; akin to D. sikkel, G. sichel, OHG. sihhila, Dan. segel, segl, L. secula, fr. secare to cut; or perhaps from L. secula. See Saw a cutting instrument.]

1. A reaping instrument consisting of a steel blade curved into the form of a hook, and having a handle fitted on a tang. The sickle has one side of the blade notched, so as always to sharpen with a serrated edge. Cf. Reaping hook, under Reap.

When corn has once felt the sickle, it has no more benefit from the sunshine.

2. (Astron.) A group of stars in the constellation Leo. See Illust. of Leo.

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