Sidesaddle flower(Bot.), a plant with hollow leaves and curiously shaped flowers; — called also huntsman's cup. See Sarracenia.

(Sides"man) n.; pl. Sidesmen

1. A party man; a partisan. Milton.

2. An assistant to the churchwarden; a questman.

(Side"-tak`ing) n. A taking sides, as with a party, sect, or faction. Bp. Hall.

(Side"walk`) n. A walk for foot passengers at the side of a street or road; a foot pavement. [U.S.]

Sidereous to Sight

(Si*de"re*ous) a. [L. sidereus.] Sidereal. [Obs.]

(Sid"er*ite), n. [L. sideritis loadstone, Gr. of iron, from iron.]

1. (Min.) (a) Carbonate of iron, an important ore of iron occuring generally in cleavable masses, but also in rhombohedral crystals. It is of a light yellowish brown color. Called also sparry iron, spathic iron. (b) A meteorite consisting solely of metallic iron. (c) An indigo-blue variety of quartz. (d) Formerly, magnetic iron ore, or loadstone.

2. (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Sideritis; ironwort.

(Sid`er*o*graph"ic Sid`er*o*graph"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to siderography; executed by engraved plates of steel; as, siderographic art; siderographic impressions.

(Sid`er*og"ra*phist) n. One skilled in siderography.

(Sid`er*og"ra*phy) n. [Gr. iron + -graphy.] The art or practice of steel engraving; especially, the process, invented by Perkins, of multiplying facsimiles of an engraved steel plate by first rolling over it, when hardened, a soft steel cylinder, and then rolling the cylinder, when hardened, over a soft steel plate, which thus becomes a facsimile of the original. The process has been superseded by electrotypy.

(Sid"er*o*lite) n. [Gr. iron + -lite.] A kind of meteorite. See under Meteorite.

(Sid"er*o*man`cy) n. [Gr. iron + -mancy.] Divination by burning straws on red-hot iron, and noting the manner of their burning. Craig.

(Sid"er*o*scope) n. [Gr. iron + -scope.] An instrument for detecting small quantities of iron in any substance by means of a very delicate combination of magnetic needles.

(||Sid`e*ro"sis) n.[NL., fr. Gr. iron.] (Med.) A sort of pneumonia occuring in iron workers, produced by the inhalation of particles of iron.

(Sid"er*o*stat) n. [L. sidus, sideris, a star + Gr. standing, fixed, fr. to place.] (Astron.) An apparatus consisting essentially of a mirror moved by clockwork so as to throw the rays of the sun or a star in a fixed direction; — a more general term for heliostat.

(||Sid`e*rox"y*lon) n. [NL., fr. Gr. iron + wood.] (Bot.) A genus of tropical sapotaceous trees noted for their very hard wood; ironwood.

(Side"sad`dle) n. A saddle for women, in which the rider sits with both feet on one side of the animal mounted.

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