Seta to Settle

(||Se"ta) n.; pl. Setæ. [L. seta, saeta, a bristle.]

1. (Biol.) Any slender, more or less rigid, bristlelike organ or part; as the hairs of a caterpillar, the slender spines of a crustacean, the hairlike processes of a protozoan, the bristles or stiff hairs on the leaves of some plants, or the pedicel of the capsule of a moss.

2. (Zoöl.) (a) One of the movable chitinous spines or hooks of an annelid. They usually arise in clusters from muscular capsules, and are used in locomotion and for defense. They are very diverse in form. (b) One of the spinelike feathers at the base of the bill of certain birds.

(Se*ta"ceous) a. [L. seta a bristle: cf. F. sétacé.]

1. Set with, or consisting of, bristles; bristly; as, a stiff, setaceous tail.

2. Bristelike in form or texture; as, a setaceous feather; a setaceous leaf.

(Set"back`) n.

1. (Arch.) Offset, n., 4.

2. A backset; a countercurrent; an eddy. [U. S.]

3. A backset; a check; a repulse; a reverse; a relapse. [Colloq. U.S.]

(Set"bolt`) n. (Shipbuilding)

1. An iron pin, or bolt, for fitting planks closely together. Craig.

2. A bolt used for forcing another bolt out of its hole.

(Set"down`) n. The humbling of a person by act or words, especially by a retort or a reproof; the retort or the reproof which has such effect.

(Set*ee") n. (Naut.) See 2d Settee.

(Set"en) obs. imp. pl. of Sit. Sat. Chaucer.

(Set"e*wale) n. See Cetewale. [Obs.]

(Set"-fair`) n. In plastering, a particularly good troweled surface. Knight.

(Set"foil`) n. See Septfoil.

(Seth"en) adv. & conj. See Since. [Obs.]

(Seth"ic) a. See Sothic.

(Se*tif"er*ous) a. [L. seta a bristle + -ferous.] Producing, or having one or more, bristles.

(Se"ti*form) a. [Seta + - form: cf. F. sétiforme.] Having the form or structure of setæ.

(Se"ti*ger) n. [NL. See Setigerous.] (Zoöl.) An annelid having setæ; a chætopod.

(Se*tig"er*ous) a. [Seta + -gerous.] Covered with bristles; having or bearing a seta or setæ; setiferous; as, setigerous glands; a setigerous segment of an annelid; specifically (Bot.), tipped with a bristle.

(Se"tim) n. See Shittim.

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