Sister Block(Naut.), a tackle block having two sheaves, one above the other.Sister hooks, a pair of hooks fitted together, the shank of one forming a mousing for the other; — called also match hook.Sister of charity, Sister of mercy. (R. C. Ch.) See under Charity, and Mercy.

(Sis"ter), v. t. To be sister to; to resemble closely. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sis"ter*hood) n. [Sister + hood.]

1. The state or relation of being a sister; the office or duty of a sister.

She . . . abhorr'd
Her proper blood, and left to do the part
Of sisterhood, to do that of a wife.

2. A society of sisters; a society of women united in one faith or order; sisters, collectively. "A sisterhood of holy nuns." Shak.

The fair young flowers . . . a beauteous sisterhood.

(Sis"ter*ing), a. Contiguous. [Obs.] Shak.

(Sis"ter-in-law`) n.; pl. Sisters-in-law The sister of one's husband or wife; also, the wife of one's brother; sometimes, the wife of one's husband's or wife's brother.

(Sis"ter*ly), a. Like a sister; becoming a sister, affectionate; as, sisterly kindness; sisterly remorse. Shak.

(Sis"tine) a.[It. sistino.] Of or pertaining to Pope Sixtus.

Sistine chapel, a chapel in the Vatican at Rome, built by Pope Sixtus IV., and decorated with frescoes by Michael Angelo and others.

(Sis"tren) n. pl. Sisters. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(||Sis"trum) [L., fr. Gr. from to shake.] (Mus.) An instrument consisting of a thin metal frame, through which passed a number of metal rods, and furnished with a handle by which it was shaken and made to rattle. It was peculiarly Egyptian, and used especially in the worship of Isis. It is still used in Nubia.

(Sis`y*phe"an) a. Relating to Sisyphus; incessantly recurring; as, Sisyphean labors.

(Sis"y*phus) n. [L. Sisyphus, Sisyphus, fr. Gr. .] (Class. Myth.) A king of Corinth, son of Æolus, famed for his cunning. He was killed by Theseus, and in the lower world was condemned by Pluto to roll to the top of a hill a huge stone, which constantly rolled back again, making his task incessant.

(Sit) obs. 3d pers. sing. pres. of Sit, for sitteth.

(Sit), v. i. [imp. Sat archaic); p. p. Sat obs.); p. pr. & vb. n. Sitting.] [OE. sitten, AS. sittan; akin to OS. sittian, OFries. sitta, D. zitten, G. sitzen, OHG. sizzen, Icel. sitja, SW. sitta, Dan. sidde, Goth. sitan, Russ. sidiete, L. sedere, Gr. Skr. sad. &radic154. Cf. Assize, Cathedral, Chair, Dissident, Excise, Insidious, Possess, Reside, Sanhedrim, Seance, Seat, n., Sedate, 4th Sell, Siege, Session, Set, v. t., Sizar, Size, Subsidy.]

3. One of the same kind, or of the same condition; — generally used adjectively; as, sister fruits. Pope.

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