2. Lasting seven years; continuing seven years. "Septenary penance." Fuller.

(Sep"ten*a*ry), n. The number seven. [R.] Holinshed.

(Sep"ten*ate) a. [L. septeni seven each.] (Bot.) Having parts in sevens; heptamerous.

(Sep*ten"nate) n. [F. septennat.] A period of seven years; as, the septennate during which the President of the French Republic holds office.

(Sep*ten"ni*al) a. [L. septennium a period of seven years; septem seven + annus year. See Seven, and Annual.]

1. Lasting or continuing seven years; as, septennial parliaments.

2. Happening or returning once in every seven years; as, septennial elections in England.

(Sep*ten"ni*al*ly), adv. Once in seven years.

(Sep*ten"tri*al) a. Septentrional. Drayton.

(||Sep*ten"tri*o) n. [L. See Septentrion.] (Astron.) The constellation Ursa Major.

(Sep*ten"tri*on) n. [L. septentrio the northern regions, the north, fr. septentriones the seven stars near the north pole, called Charles's Wain, or the Great Bear, also those called the Little Bear; properly, the seven plow oxen; septem seven + trio, orig., a plow ox: cf. F. septentrion.] The north or northern regions. Shak.

Both East West, South and Septentrioun.

(Sep*ten"tri*on Sep*ten"tri*on*al) a. [L. septentrionalis: cf. F. septentrional.] Of or pertaining to the north; northern. "From cold septentrion blasts." Milton.

(Sep*ten`tri*on*al"i*ty) n. Northerliness.

(Sep*ten"tri*on*al*ly) adv. Northerly.

(Sep*ten"tri*on*ate) v. i. To tend or point toward the north; to north. Sir T. Browne.

(Sep*tet", Sep*tette") n. [From L. septem seven, like duet, from L. duo.]

1. A set of seven persons or objects; as, a septet of singers.

2. (Mus.) A musical composition for seven instruments or seven voices; — called also septuor.

(Sept"foil) n. [F. sept seven (L. septem) + E. foil leaf: cf. L. septifolium.]

1. (Bot.) A European herb, the tormentil. See Tormentil.

2. (Arch.) An ornamental foliation having seven lobes. Cf. Cinquefoil, Quarterfoil, and Trefoil.

3. (Eccl.Art.) A typical figure, consisting of seven equal segments of a circle, used to denote the gifts of the Holy Chost, the seven sacraments as recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, etc. [R.]

(Sep"ti-) [L. septem seven.] A combining form meaning seven; as, septifolious, seven-leaved; septi-lateral, seven-sided.

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