Settling day, a day for settling accounts, as in the stock market.

(Set"-to`) n. A contest in boxing, in an argument, or the like. [Colloq.] Halliwell.

(||Set"u*la) n.; pl. Setulæ [L. setula, saetula, dim. of seta, saeta, bristle.] A small, short hair or bristle; a small seta.

(Set"ule) n. [See Setula.] A setula.

(Set"u*lose`) a. Having small bristles or setæ.

(Set"wall`) n. [CF. Cetewale.] (Bot.) A plant formerly valued for its restorative qualities (Valeriana officinalis, or V. Pyrenaica). [Obs.] [Written also setwal.] Chaucer.

(Sev"en) a. [OE. seven, seoven, seofen, AS. seofon, seofan, seofen; akin to D. zeven, OS., Goth., & OHG. sibun, G. sieben, Icel. sjau, sjö, Sw. sju, Dan. syv, Lith. septyni, Russ. seme, W. saith, Gael. seachd, Ir. seacht, L. septem, Gr. Skr. saptan. &radic305. Cf. Hebdomad, Heptagon, September.] One more than six; six and one added; as, seven days make one week.

Seven sciences. See the Note under Science, n., 4.Seven stars(Astron.), the Pleiades. Seven wonders of the world. See under Wonders.Seven-year apple(Bot.), a rubiaceous shrub (Genipa clusiifolia) growing in the West Indies; also, its edible fruit.Seven-year vine(Bot.), a tropical climbing plant (Ipomœa tuberosa) related to the morning- glory.

(Sev"en), n.

1. The number greater by one than six; seven units or objects.

Of every beast, and bird, and insect small,
Game sevens and pairs.

2. A symbol representing seven units, as 7, or vii.

(Sev"en*fold`) a. Repeated seven times; having seven thicknesses; increased to seven times the size or amount. "Sevenfold rage." Milton.

(Sev"en*fold`), adv. Seven times as much or as often.

Whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.
Gen. iv. 15.

(Seven"night) n. A week; any period of seven consecutive days and nights. See Sennight.

(Sev"en*score`) n. & a. Seven times twenty, that is, a hundred and forty.

The old Countess of Desmond . . . lived sevenscore years.

(Sev"en-shoot`er) n. A firearm, esp. a pistol, with seven barrels or chambers for cartridges, or one capable of firing seven shots without reloading. [Colloq.]

(Sev"en*teen`) a. [OE. seventene, AS. seofontyne, i. e., seven- ten. Cf. Seventy.] One more than sixteen; ten and seven added; as, seventeen years.

(Set"tling) n.

1. The act of one who, or that which, settles; the act of establishing one's self, of colonizing, subsiding, adjusting, etc.

2. pl. That which settles at the bottom of a liquid; lees; dregs; sediment. Milton.

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