Scald crow(Zoöl.), the hooded crow. [Ireland] — Scald head(Med.), a name popularly given to several diseases of the scalp characterized by pustules (the dried discharge of which forms scales) and by falling out of the hair.

(Scald), n. Scurf on the head. See Scall. Spenser.

(Scald) n. [Icel. skald.] One of the ancient Scandinavian poets and historiographers; a reciter and singer of heroic poems, eulogies, etc., among the Norsemen; more rarely, a bard of any of the ancient Teutonic tribes. [Written also skald.]

A war song such as was of yore chanted on the field of battle by the scalds of the yet heathen Saxons.
Sir W. Scott.

(Scald"er) n. A Scandinavian poet; a scald.

(Scald"fish`) n. [Scald, a. + fish.] (Zoöl.) A European flounder (Arnoglossus laterna, or Psetta arnoglossa); — called also megrim, and smooth sole.

(Scald"ic) a. Of or pertaining to the scalds of the Norsemen; as, scaldic poetry.

(Scale) n. [AS. scale; perhaps influenced by the kindred Icel. skal balance, dish, akin also to D. schaal a scale, bowl, shell, G. schale, OHG. scala, Dan. skaal drinking cup, bowl, dish, and perh. to E. scale of a fish. Cf. Scale of a fish, Skull the brain case.]

1. The dish of a balance; hence, the balance itself; an instrument or machine for weighing; as, to turn the scale; — chiefly used in the plural when applied to the whole instrument or apparatus for weighing. Also used figuratively.

Long time in even scale
The battle hung.

The scales are turned; her kindness weighs no more
Now than my vows.

2. pl. (Astron.) The sign or constellation Libra.

Platform scale. See under Platform.

(Scale), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Scaled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scaling.] To weigh or measure according to a scale; to measure; also, to grade or vary according to a scale or system.

Scaling his present bearing with his past.

Toscale, or scale down, a debt, wages, etc., to reduce a debt, etc., according to a fixed ratio or scale. [U.S.]

(Scale), n. [Cf. AS. scealu, scalu, a shell, parings; akin to D. schaal, G. schale, OHG. scala, Dan. & Sw. skal a shell, Dan. skiæl a fish scale, Goth. skalja tile, and E. shale, shell, and perhaps

2. To expose to a boiling or violent heat over a fire, or in hot water or other liquor; as, to scald milk or meat.

(Scald), n. A burn, or injury to the skin or flesh, by some hot liquid, or by steam.

(Scald), a. [For scalled. See Scall.]

1. Affected with the scab; scabby. Shak.

2. Scurvy; paltry; as, scald rhymers. [Obs.] Shak.

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