(Chem.), a salt of the oxy type conveniently regarded as composed of two ingredients (analogously to a haloid salt), viz., a metal and an acid radical.Double salt(Chem.), a salt regarded as formed by the union of two distinct salts, as common alum, potassium aluminium sulphate. See under Double.Epsom salts. See in the Vocabulary.Essential salt(Old Chem.), a salt obtained by crystallizing plant juices.Ethereal salt. (Chem.) See under Ethereal.Glauber's saltor salts. See in Vocabulary.Haloid salt(Chem.), a simple salt of a halogen acid, as sodium chloride. Microcosmic salt. (Chem.). See under Microcosmic.Neutral salt. (Chem.) (a) A salt in which the acid and base (in theory) neutralize each other. (b) A salt which gives a neutral reaction.Oxy salt(Chem.), a salt derived from an oxygen acid.Per salt(Old Chem.), a salt supposed to be derived from a peroxide base or analogous compound. [Obs.] — Permanent salt, a salt which undergoes no change on exposure to the air.Proto salt(Chem.), a salt derived from a protoxide base or analogous compound.Rochelle salt. See under Rochelle.Salt of amber(Old Chem.), succinic acid.Salt of colcothar(Old Chem.), green vitriol, or sulphate of iron.Salt of hartshorn. (Old Chem.) (a) Sal ammoniac, or ammonium chloride. (b) Ammonium carbonate. Cf. Spirit of hartshorn, under Hartshorn.Salt of lemons. (Chem.) See Salt of sorrel, below.Salt of Saturn(Old Chem.), sugar of lead; lead acetate; — the alchemical name of lead being Saturn.Salt of Seignette. Same as Rochelle salt.Salt of soda(Old Chem.), sodium carbonate.Salt of sorrel(Old Chem.), acid potassium oxalate, or potassium quadroxalate, used as a solvent for ink stains; — so called because found in the sorrel, or Oxalis. Also sometimes inaccurately called salt of lemon.Salt of tartar(Old Chem.), potassium carbonate; — so called because formerly made by heating cream of tartar, or potassium tartrate. [Obs.] — Salt of Venus(Old Chem.), blue vitriol; copper sulphate; — the alchemical name of copper being Venus.Salt of wisdom. See Alembroth.Sedative salt (Old Med. Chem.), boric acid.Sesqui salt(Chem.), a salt derived from a sesquioxide base or analogous compound.Spirit of salt. (Chem.) See under Spirit.Sulpho salt(Chem.), a salt analogous to an oxy salt, but containing sulphur in place of oxygen.

(Salt) a. [Compar. Salter ; superl. Saltest.] [AS. sealt, salt. See Salt, n.]

1. Of or relating to salt; abounding in, or containing, salt; prepared or preserved with, or tasting of, salt; salted; as, salt beef; salt water. "Salt tears." Chaucer.

2. Overflowed with, or growing in, salt water; as, a salt marsh; salt grass.

3. Fig.: Bitter; sharp; pungent.

I have a salt and sorry rheum offends me.

4. Fig.: Salacious; lecherous; lustful. Shak.

Salt acid(Chem.), hydrochloric acid.Salt block, an apparatus for evaporating brine; a salt factory. Knight.Salt bottom, a flat piece of ground covered with saline efflorescences. [Western U.S.] Bartlett.Salt cake(Chem.), the white caked mass, consisting of sodium sulphate, which is obtained as the product of the first stage in the manufacture of soda, according to Leblanc's process.Salt fish. (a) Salted fish, especially cod, haddock, and similar fishes that have been salted and dried for food. (b) A marine fish.Salt garden, an arrangement for the natural evaporation of sea water for the production of salt, employing large shallow basins excavated near the seashore.Salt gauge, an instrument used to test the strength of brine; a salimeter.Salt horse, salted beef. [Slang] — Salt junk, hard salt beef for use at sea. [Slang] — Salt lick. See Lick, n.Salt marsh, grass land subject to the overflow of salt water.Salt-marsh caterpillar(Zoöl.), an American bombycid moth (Spilosoma acræa which is very destructive to the salt-marsh grasses and to other crops. Called also woolly bear. See Illust. under Moth, Pupa, and Woolly bear, under Woolly.Salt-marsh fleabane (Bot.), a strong-scented composite herb (Pluchea camphorata) with rayless purplish heads, growing in salt marshes.Salt-marsh hen(Zoöl.), the clapper rail. See under Rail.Salt- marsh terrapin (Zoöl.), the diamond- back.Salt mine, a mine where rock salt is obtained.Salt pan. (a) A


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