Rochelle powders. Same as Seidlitz powders.Rochelle salt(Chem.), the double tartrate of sodium and potassium, a white crystalline substance. It has a cooling, saline, slightly bitter taste and is employed as a mild purgative. It was discovered by Seignette, an apothecary of Rochelle, and is called also Seignete's salt.

Roche moutonnée
(||Roche" mou`ton`née") [F., sheep-shaped rock.] (Geol.) See Sheepback.

(Roch"et) n. [F., dim. fr. OHG. rocch coat, G. rock.]

1. (Eccl.) A linen garment resembling the surplise, but with narrower sleeves, also without sleeves, worn by bishops, and by some other ecclesiastical dignitaries, in certain religious ceremonies.

They see no difference between an idler with a hat and national cockade, and an idler in a cowl or in a rochet.

2. A frock or outer garment worn in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. [Obs.] Rom. of R.

(Roch"et), n. [Probably corrupted fr. F. rouget the red gurnet, from rouge red. CF. Rouge.] (Zoöl.) The red gurnard, or gurnet. See Gurnard.

Roching cask
(Roch"ing cask`) [Probably from F. roche a rock.] A tank in which alum is crystallized from a solution.

(Ro*bus"tious) a. [Cf. L. robusteus of oak.] Robust. [Obs. or Humorous] W. Irving.

In Scotland they had handled the bishops in a more robustious manner.

Ro*bus"tious*ly, adv.Ro*bus"tious*ness, n.

(Ro*bust"ly), adv. In a robust manner.

(Ro*bust"ness), n. The quality or state of being robust.

(Roc) n. [Ar. & Per. rokh or rukh. Cf. Rook a castle.] A monstrous bird of Arabian mythology. [Written also rock, and rukh.] Brande & C.

(Roc"am*bole) n. [F.] [Written also rokambole.] (Bot.) A name of Allium Scorodoprasum and A. Ascalonium, two kinds of garlic, the latter of which is also called shallot.

(Roc*cel"lic) a. [F. roccellique, fr. roccelle archil, It. & NL. roccella, fr. It. rocca a rock, because archil grows on rock.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or designating, a dibasic acid of the oxalic series found in archil (Roccella tinctoria, etc.), and other lichens, and extracted as a white crystalline substance C17H32O4.

(Roc*cel"lin) n. A red dyestuff, used as a substitute for cochineal, archil, etc. It consists of the sodium salt of a complex azo derivative of naphtol.

(Roche) n. [See Rock.] Rock. [Obs.] Chaucer.

Roche alum
(Roche" al`um) (Chem.) A kind of alum occuring in small fragments; — so called from Rocca, in Syria, whence alum is said to have been obtained; — also called rock alum.

(Roche"lime`) n. [F. roche rock + E. lime.] Lime in the lump after it is burned; quicklime. [Eng.]

(Ro*chelle") n. A seaport town in France.

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