Tracery, moulding, arabesque.

    Frippery, finery, bravery, gew-gaw, fal-lal, tinsel, spangle, clinquant, tawdriness, etc.

    Trope, flourish, flowers of rhetoric 577.

    Excess of ornament, see 851.

    (Verbs). To ornament, embellish, illustrate, illuminate, decorate, adorn, beautify, garnish, polish, gild, etc., bespangle, dizen, bedizen; embroider, etc., see 845.

    (Adjectives). Ornamented, etc., beautified, rigged out, figged out, ornate, showy, dressy, gaudy 851, garish, gorgeous, endimanché.

    (Phrases). Fine as a May-day queen; in full fig; in one's Sunday best; dressed up to the nines.

  • Blemish (Substantives), disfigurement, eyesore, defect, flaw, fleck.
  • Stain, blot, spot, speck, blur, macula, blotch, speckle, spottiness; soil, tarnish, smudge, smut, dirt, soot, etc. 653; freckle.

    Excrescence, pimple, etc., see 250.

    (Verbs). To disfigure, deface, etc., see 846.

  • Simplicity (Substantives), plainness, undress, chastity; freedom from ornament or affectation, homeliness.
  • (Phrase). Simplex munditiis.

    (Verbs). To be simple, etc., to render simple, etc., to simplify.

    (Adjectives). Simple, plain, homely, chaste, homespun, unaffected, severe, primitive.

    Unadorned, unornamented, undecked, ungarnished, unarrayed, untrimmed, in dishabille.

  • Good taste.
  • Taste (Substantives), delicacy, refinement, gust, gusto, goût, virtuosity, virtuosoship, nicety, finesse, grace, virtu, to prepon, polish, elegance.

    Science of taste, Æsthetics.

    A man of taste, connoisseur, judge, critic, cognoscente, virtuoso, amateur, èsthete, an Aristarchus, purist, arbiter elegantiarum.

    (Verbs). To appreciate, judge, discriminate, criticise 465.

    (Adjectives). In good taste, tasteful, unaffected, pure, chaste, classical, attic, refined, èsthetic, elegant.

    (Adverb). Elegantly, etc.

    (Phrases). To one's taste or mind; after one's fancy; tiré à quatre épingles; comme il faut.

  • Bad taste.
  • Vulgarity (Substantives), vulgarism, barbarism, Vandalism, Gothicism, mauvais goût, sensationalism, flamboyance.

    Coarseness, grossness, indecorum, lowness, low life, mauvais ton, bad form, clownishness, rusticity, boorishness, brutishness, brutality, awkwardness, want of tact, tactlessness.

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