Distressing, bitter, afflicting, afflictive, cheerless, joyless, depressing, depressive, mournful, dreary, dismal, bleak, melancholy, grievous, pathetic, woeful, disastrous, calamitous, tragical, deplorable, dreadful, lamentable, ill-omened.

    Irritating, provoking, provocative, stinging, biting, vexatious, annoying, unaccommodating, troublesome, tiresome, irksome, plaguing, plaguy, teasing, pestering, bothering, bothersome, harassing, worrying, tormenting, aggravating, racking, importunate, insistent.

    Intolerable, insufferable, insupportable, unbearable, unendurable, shocking, frightful, terrific, grim, appalling, dire, heart-breaking, heart-rending, heart-wounding, heart-corroding, dreadful, horrid, harrowing, horrifying, horrific, execrable, accursed, damnable.

    Odious, hateful, unpopular, repulsive, repellent, uninviting, offensive, nauseous, disgusting, sickening, nasty, revolting, shocking, vile, abominable, loathsome, rotten.

    Sharp, acute, sore, severe, grave, hard, harsh, bitter, cruel, biting, corroding, consuming, racking, excruciating, etc.

    (Phrase). What flesh and blood cannot bear.

    (Adverb). Painfully, etc.

  1. Content (Substantives), contentment, contentedness, satisfaction, entire, satisfaction, serenity, sereneness, ease.
  2. Comfort, snugness, well-being.

    Moderation, patience, endurance, resignation, reconciliation.

    (Phrases). "Patience sitting on a monument"; "patience, sovereign o'er transmuted ill."

    (Verbs). To be content, etc.; to rest satisfied, to put up with; to take up with; to be reconciled to.

    (Phrases). To make the best of; to let well alone.

    To render content, etc., to set at ease, to conciliate, reconcile, satisfy, indulge, slake, gratify, etc.

    (Phrases). To set one's heart at ease, or at rest; to speak peace.

    (Adjectives). Content, contented, satisfied, at ease, easy, snug, comfortable, cosy.

    Patient, resigned to, reconciled to, unrepining.

    Unafflicted, unvexed, unmolested, unplagued, etc., serene, at rest, sine cura, sans souci.

    (Adverb). To one's heart's content.

  3. Discontent (Substantives), discontentment, dissatisfaction, disappointment, mortification.
  4. Repining, taking on, inquietude, heart-burning, see Regret 833.

    Nostalgia, home-sickness, maladie du pays.

    (Phrase). Laudator temporis acti.

    (Verbs). To be discontented, etc., dissatisfied; to repine, regret 833, grumble 839.

    To cause discontent, etc., to disappoint, dissatisfy, mortify.

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