(Adjectives). Unclean, dirty, soiled, etc., dusty, dirtied, etc., sooty, smoky, reechy, thick, turbid, dreggy, slimy, filthy, mucky.

    Slovenly, untidy, sluttish, blowzy, draggle-tailed, dowdy, slipshod, unkempt, unscoured, unswept, unwiped, unwashed, unstrained, unpurified, squalid.

    Nasty, foul, impure, offensive, abominable, beastly, lousy.

    Mouldy, musty, mildewed, rusty, mouldering, motheaten, reasty, rotten, rotting, tainted, high, fly-blown, maggoty, putrescent, putrid, putrefied, bad, festering, purulent, feculent, fecal, stercoraceous, excrementitious.

    (Phrases). Wallowing in the mire; rotten as a pear; rotten as cheese.

  • Health (Substantives), sanity, soundness, heartiness, haleness, vigour, freshness, bloom, healthfulness, incorruption, incorruptibility.
  • (Phrase). Mens sana in corpore sano.

    (Verbs). To be in health, etc., to flourish, to bloom.

    To return to health, to recover, to get the better of.

    To restore to health, to cure, recall to life, bring to.

    (Phrases). To keep on one's legs; to take a new or fresh lease of life; non est vivere sed valere vita.

    (Adjectives). Healthy, in health, well, sound, healthful, hearty, hale, fresh, whole, florid, staunch, flush, hardy, vigorous, blooming, weather-proof, fit.

    Unscathed, uninjured, unmaimed, unmarred, untainted.

    (Phrases). Having a clean bill of health; being on one's legs; sound as a roach; fresh as a rose; hearty as a buck; in fine feather; in high feather; in good case; sound as a bell; in the pink of condition; in good form.

  • Disease (Substantives), illness, sickness, ailment, ailing, indisposition, complaint, disorder, malady, distemper.
  • Sickliness, sickishness, infirmity, diseasedness, tabescence, invalidation, cachexy, witheredness, atrophy, marasmus, incurableness, incurability, palsy.

    Taint, pollution, infection, septicity, epidemic, endemic, murrain, plague, pestilence, virus, pox.

    A sore, ulcer, abscess, fester, rot, canker, cancer, carcinoma, caries, gangrene, sphacelus, leprosy.

    A valetudinarian, an invalid, a patient, a cripple.

    Science of disease: Pathology, Ætiology, Nosology.

    (Verbs). To be ill, etc., to ail, suffer, be affected with, etc., to complain of, to droop, flag, languish, halt, sicken, gasp.

    (Phrases). To lay up; to keep one's bed; to sham Abraham; to malinger.

    (Adjectives). Diseased, ill, taken ill, seized, indisposed, unwell, sick, sickish, seedy, queer, ailing, suffering, laid up, confined, bedridden, invalided.

    Unsound, sickly, poorly, weakly, cranky, healthless, infirm, unbraced, drooping, flagging, withered, decayed, decrepit, lame, crippled, battered, halting, worn out, used up, run down, off colour, moth-eaten, worm- eaten.

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