To imitate, impersonate, personate, personify, act, take off, hit off, figure as.

    (Adjectives). Representing, etc.; artistic, imitative, figurative, hieroglyphic, hieroglyphical, diagrammatic, schematic.

  1. Misrepresentation (Substantives), distortion 243, caricature, burlesque, a bad likeness, daub, croûte, scratch, sign-painting, anamorphosis; misprint, erratum.
  2. Painting (Substantives), depicting, etc., sciagraphy, photography, etc.
  3. Drawing in pencil, crayon, pastel, chalk, water-colour, etc.

    Painting in oils, in distemper, in gouache, in fresco; encaustic painting, enamel painting, scene-painting; wash 428, body-colour, impasto.

    A picture, drawing, painting, sketch, illustration, scratch, graffito, outline, tableau, cartoon, fresco, illumination; pencil, etc., drawing; oil, etc., painting; daguerreotype, calotype, talbotype, heliotype, autotype, photograph; mosaic, tapestry, etc., picture-gallery.

    Portrait, portraiture, likeness, full-length, etc., miniature, kitcat, shade, profile, silhouette, photograph, snapshot.

    Landscape, seascape, nocturne, view, still-life, genre, panorama, diorama.

    Pre-Raphaelitism, impressionism, etc., see 559.

    (Verbs). To paint, depict, portray, limn, draw, sketch, pencil, scratch, scrawl, block in, rough in, dash off, chalk out, shadow forth, adumbrate, outline, illustrate, illuminate; to take a portrait, take a likeness, to photograph, snap, kodak.

    (Adjectives). Painted, etc.; pictorial, graphic, picturesque, Giottesque, Raphaelesque, Turneresque, etc.; like, etc. 17.

  4. Sculpture (Substantives), insculpture, carving, modelling.
  5. A statue, statuary, statuette, figure, figurine, model, bust, image, alto-rilievo, mezzo-rilievo, basso-rilievo, bas-relief, cast, marble, bronze, intaglio, anaglyph; medallion, cameo.

    (Verbs). To sculpture, sculp, carve, cut, chisel, model, mould, cast.

    (Adjectives). Sculptured, etc., sculptural, sculpturesque, anaglyphic, ceroplastic.

  6. Engraving (Substantives), etching, wood-engraving, process-engraving, xylography, etc., cerography; poker- work.
  7. A print, engraving, impression, plate, cut, wood-cut, vignette.

    An etching, dry-point, silver-point, copper-plate, mezzotint, aquatint, stippling, lithograph, chromolithograph, chromo, colour-plate, anastatic-printing, glyphograph, stereograph.

    (Verbs). To engrave, etch, lithograph, print, etc.

  8. Artist (Substantives), painter, limner, draughtsman, black-and-white artist, cartoonist, caricaturist, drawer, sketcher, designer, engraver, copyist, photographer.
  9. Academician; historical, landscape, portrait, miniature, scene, sign, etc., painter; engraver; an Apelles.

    Primitive, Pre-Raphaelite, old master, quattrocentist, cinquecentist, impressionist, post-impressionist, futurist, vorticist, cubist, pointillist, etc.

    A sculptor, carver, modeller, figuriste; a Phidias, a Praxiteles.

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