To render insensible, to blunt, dull, obtund, benumb, paralyse, anèsthetise, dope, hocus, gas.

    (Adjectives). Insensible, unfeeling, senseless, impercipient, impassible, thick-skinned, apathetic, obtuse, dull, anèsthetic, paralytic, etc., unaffected, untouched, etc.

    (Phrase). Having a rhinoceros hide.

  • Physical Pleasure (Substantives), bodily enjoyment, gratification, luxury, voluptuousness, sensuousness, sensuality.
  • (Phrases). The flesh - pots of Egypt; creature comforts; a bed of roses; a bed of down, velvet, clover, see 827.

    (Verbs). To feel, experience, receive, etc., pleasure, to enjoy, relish, luxuriate, revel, riot, bask, wallow in.

    To cause or give physical pleasure, to gratify, tickle, regale, etc., see 829.

    (Adjective). Enjoying, etc.

  • Physical Pain (Substantives), bodily pain, suffering, sufferance, dolour, ache, aching, smart, smarting, shoot, shooting, twinge, twitch, gripe, headache, etc., sore, see 828.
  • Spasm, cramp, nightmare, crick, convulsion, throe.

    Pang, anguish, agony, torment, torture, rack, cruciation, crucifixion, martyrdom.

    (Verbs). To feel, experience, suffer, etc. pain; to suffer, ache, smart, bleed, tingle, shoot, twinge, lancinate, wince, writhe, twitch.

    (Phrases). To sit on thorns; to sit on pins and needles.

    To give or inflict pain; to pain, hurt, chafe, sting, bite, gnaw, pinch, tweak, grate, gall, fret, prick, pierce, gripe, etc., wring, torment, torture, rack, agonise, break on the wheel, etc., convulse.

    (Adjectives). In pain, in a state of pain, etc., pained, etc.

    Painful, aching, etc., sore, raw, agonising, excruciating, etc.

    2 Special Sensation

    1. Touch

  • Sensation of pressure.
  • Touch (Substantives), taction, tactility, feeling, palpation, manipulation, palpability.

    Organ of touch: hand, finger, forefinger, thumb, paw, feeler, antenna.

    (Verbs). To touch, feel, handle, finger, thumb, paw, fumble, grope, grabble, scrabble; pass, or run the fingers over, manipulate.

    (Phrase). To throw out a feeler.

    (Adjectives). Tactual, tangible, palpable, tactile.

  • Sensations of Touch (Substantives), itching, titillation, formication, etc., creeping, aura, tingling, thrilling.
  • (Verbs). To itch, tingle, creep, thrill; to tickle, titillate.

    (Adjective). Itching, etc., ticklish.

  • Insensibility to touch.

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