(Adjectives). National, civic, public, human, mortal, personal, individual, social, cosmopolitan, ethnic, racial; sociological, anthropological, ethnological; anthropomorphic, anthropomorphous, anthropoid, manlike.

  1. Man (Substantives), manhood, virility, he, menfolk.
  2. A human being, man, male, mortal, person, body, soul, individual, fellow creature, one, someone, somebody, so-and-so.

    Personage, a gentleman, sir, master, yeoman, citizen, denizen, burgess, cosmopolite, wight, swain, fellow, blade, bloke, beau, chap, cove, gossoon, buffer, gaffer, goodman.

    (Adjectives). Human, manly, male, masculine, manlike, mannish, virile, mortal, personal, individual, cosmopolitan.

    (Phrase). The spear side.

2°. Sensation

(I) Sensation in general

  • Woman (Substantives), female, feminality, femininity, womanhood, muliebrity, she, womenfolk.
  • Womankind, the sex, the fair, the fair sex, the softer sex, the weaker vessel, a petticoat.

    Dame, madam, madame, ma'am, mistress, lady, donna, belle, matron, dowager, goody, gammer, good woman, goodwife.

    Damsel, girl, lass, lassie, maid, maiden, demoiselle, flapper, miss, missie, nymph, wench, jade, dona, grisette, colleen.

    (Adjectives). Female, feminine, womanly, womanish, ladylike, matronly, maidenly, girlish.

    (Phrase). The distaff side.

  • Physical Sensibility (Substantives), sensitiveness, feeling, perceptivity, acuteness, etc.
  • Sensation, impression, consciousness 490.

    The external senses, sensation.

    Science: Æstho-physiology.

    (Verbs). To be sensible of, to feel, perceive, be conscious of, respond to, react to.

    To render sensible, to sharpen.

    To cause sensation, to impress, excite, or produce an impression.

    (Adjectives). Sensible, conscious, sensitive, sensuous, èsthetic, perceptive.

    Hypersensitive, thin-skinned, neurotic.

    Acute, keen, vivid, lively, impressive.

  • Physical Insensibility (Substantives), obtuseness, dullness, apathy, callousness 823, paralysis, anèthesia.
  • Anèsthetic agent: Opium, ether, chloroform, cocaine, etc.

    Science: Anèsthetics.

    (Verbs). To be insensible, etc.

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