• Purple (Substantives), violet, plum, prune, lavender, lilac, peach colour, puce, gridelin, lividness, lividity, bishop's purple, magenta, mauve.
  • Amethyst, murex.

    (Adjectives). Purple, violet, livid, etc.

  • Blueness (Substantives), bluishness, azure, indigo, ultramarine, Prussian blue, mazarine, bloom, bice.
  • (Adjectives). Blue, cerulean, sky-blue, sky-coloured, sky-dyed, watchet, azure, bluish, sapphire, Garter- blue, lapis lazuli.

  • Orange (Substantives), gold, flame, copper, brass, apricot colour, aureolin, nacarat.
  • (Adjectives). Orange, golden, etc., buff, flesh-coloured.

  • Variegation (Substantives), dichroism, trichroism, iridescence, play of colours, reflet, variegatedness, patchwork, maculation, spottiness, marquetry, inlay, buhl, striè, spectrum.
  • A rainbow, iris, tulip, peacock, chameleon, butterfly, tortoiseshell, leopard, zebra, harlequin, mother-of- pearl, opal, marble.

    (Verbs). To be variegated, etc.

    To variegate, speckle, stripe, streak, chequer, bespeckle, fleck, freckle, inlay.

    (Adjectives). Variegated, varicoloured, many-coloured, versicolor, many-hued, divers-coloured, particoloured, polychromatic, bicolour, tricolour, dichromatic.

    Iridescent, prismatic, opaline, nacreous, pearly, opalescent, shot, chatoyant, gorge de pigeon, all manner of colours, pied, piebald, skewbald, motley, mottled, veined, marbled, paned, dappled, clouded, cymophanous.

    Mosaic, inlaid, tessellated, chequered, tortoiseshell.

    Dotted, spotted, bespotted, spotty, speckled, bespeckled, punctate, maculated, freckled, fleckered, flecked, studded, tattooed.

    Striped, striated, streaked, barred, veined, brinded, brindled, tabby, roan, grizzled, listed, stippled.


  • Vision (Substantives), sight, optics, eyesight, view, espial, glance, glimpse, peep, gaze, stare, leer, perlustration, contemplation, regard, survey, reconnaissance, introspection, inspection, speculation, watch, coup d'œil, bo-peep, ocular demonstration, autopsy, visualisation, envisagement, see 457.
  • A point of view, gazebo, vista, loop - hole, belvedere, field of view, watch - tower, theatre, amphitheatre, horizon, arena, commanding view, coign of vantage, observatory, periscope.

    The organ of vision, eye, the naked or unassisted eye, retina, optics, peepers.

    Perspicacity, penetration, discernment, lynx, eagle, Argus.

    (Verbs). To see, behold, discern, have in sight, descry, catch a sight, glance, or glimpse of, spy, espy, to get a sight of.

    To look, view, eye, open one's eyes, glance on, cast or set one's eyes on, look on or upon, turn or bend one's looks upon, turn the eyes to, envisage, visualise, peep, peer, pry, scan, survey, reconnoitre, contemplate, regard, inspect, recognise, mark, discover, distinguish, see through, speculate; to see sights, lionise.

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