Smoke, cloud 353.

    Science of elastic fluids: Pneumatics, Aerostatics, Aerodynamics.

    (Verbs). To emit vapour, to steam, fume, reek, smoke, puff, smoulder.

    To aerate 338.

    (Adjectives). Gaseous, aeriform, ethereal, aerial, airy, vaporous, vapoury, volatile, evaporable.

  • Liquefaction (Substantives), fusion, melting, thaw, deliquation, deliquescence.
  • Solution, dissolution, decoction, infusion, etc., liquescence.

    Solvent, menstruum.

    (Verbs). To render liquid, to liquefy, run, melt, thaw, fuse, solve, dissolve, resolve, to hold in solution.

    (Adjectives). Liquefied, melted, unfrozen, molten, liquescent, liquefiable, deliquescent, diffluent, soluble, dissoluble.

    2. Specific Fluids

  • Vaporisation (Substantives), volatilisation, evaporation, distillation, sublimation, exhalation, volatility.
  • Vaporiser 353.

    (Verbs). To render gaseous, vaporise, volatilise, evaporate, exhale, distil, sublime, sublimate.

    (Adjectives). Volatilised, etc., volatile, evaporable, vaporisable.

  • Water (Substantives), serum, lymph, rheum, whey.
  • Dilution, immersion, maceration, humectation, infiltration, sprinkling, spraying, aspersion, affusion, irrigation, douche, balneation, bath, shower-bath, inundation, deluge (see 348), a diluent.

    Sprinkler, sprayer, spray, atomiser, aspergillum, aspersorium, water-cart, watering-pot.

    (Verbs). To be watery, etc., to reek.

    To add water, to water, wet, moisten 339, dilute, dip, immerse, plunge, merge, immerge, steep, souse, duck, submerge, drown, soak, sop, macerate, pickle, wash, sprinkle, asperge, asperse, dabble, bedabble, affuse, splash, splatter, spray, swash, douse, drench, slop, slobber, irrigate, inundate, deluge, flood.

    To take a bath, to tub, bathe 300, paddle.

    To syringe, inject.

    (Adjectives). Watery, aqueous, aquatic, lymphatic, diluted, etc., reeking, dripping, sodden, drenched, soaking, sopping.

    Wet, washy, sloppy, squashy, splashy, soppy, soggy, slobbery, diluent, balneal.

    (Phrases). Wet as a drowned rat; wet as a rag; wet through.

  • Air (Substantives), common air, atmospheric air.
  • The atmosphere, the sky, the ether, the open air, weather, climate.

    Exposure to the air or weather, airing, weathering 330.

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