1. Locomotion by land.
  2. Journey (Substantives), travel, travelling, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, trek, circuit, peregrination, discursion, ramble, pilgrimage, Odyssey, course, ambulation, march, marching, walk, walking, promenade, stroll, saunter, trot, tramp, stalk, noctambulation, perambulation, ride, equitation, drive, jog-trot, airing, constitutional, spin, jaunt, joy-ride, change of scene.

    Roving, vagrancy, flit, flitting, migration, emigration, immigration, intermigration; Wanderlust.

    Plan, itinerary, road - book, guide, Baedeker, Bradshaw.

    Procession, caravan, cavalcade.

    Organs and instruments of locomotion; legs, feet, pins, skate, ski, snow-shoe, locomotive, vehicle 272, 273, velocipede, bicycle, cycle, tricycle, scooter.

    (Phrase). Shanks's mare.

    (Verbs). To travel, journey, trek, walk, ramble, roam, rove, course, wander, itinerate, perambulate, stroll, straggle, expatiate, range, gad about, gallivant, knock about, to go or take a walk, journey, tour, turn, trip, etc.; to prowl, stray, saunter, tour, make a tour, knock about, emigrate, flit, migrate.

    To walk, march, step, tread, pace, wend, wend one's way, promenade, perambulate, circumambulate, take a walk, go for a walk, take the air, trudge, stalk, stride, straddle, strut, foot it, hoof it, stump, clump, peg along, bundle, toddle, patter, shuffle on, tramp, traverse, bend one's steps, thread one's way, make one's way, find one's way, tread a path, take a course, take wing, take flight, defile, file off.

    (Phrase). To pad the hoof.

    Ride, jog on, trot, amble, canter, gallop, take horse, prance, frisk, tittup, caracole, to have a run.

    To drive, slide, glide, skim, skate, toboggan, ski.

    To go to, repair to, resort to, hie to.

    (Adjectives). Travelling, etc., ambulatory, itinerant, peripatetic, discursive, vagrant, migratory, nomadic, on the wing, etc., circumforanean, overland.

    (Adverbs). By the way, chemin faisant, on the road, en passant, en route, on foot, afoot.

  3. Locomotion by water, or air.
  4. Navigation (Substantives), voyage, sail, cruise, circumnavigation, periplus, sea-faring.

    Natation, swimming, drifting.

    Flight, flying, volitation, aerostation, aeronautics, aerostatics, ballooning, aviation.

    Wing, pinion, fin, flipper; oar, sail, paddle, punt-pole, screw, turbine.

    (Verbs). To sail, make sail, warp, put to sea, navigate, take ship, get under way, spread sail, spread canvas, carry sail, plough the waves, plough the deep, walk the waters, scud, boom, drift, course, cruise, coast, circumnavigate, aviate.

    To row, paddle, scull, punt, steam.

    To swim, float, buffet the waves, skim, effleurer, dive, wade.

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