• Obliquity (Substantives), inclination, slope, leaning, slant, crookedness, bias, bend, bevel, tilt, swag, cant, lurch, skew, skewness, bevelling, squint.
  • (Phrase). The tower of Pisa.

    Acclivity, uphill, rise, ascent, gradient, rising ground, bank.

    Declivity, downhill, fall, devexity.

    A gentle or rapid slope, easy ascent or descent, chute, switch-back montagnes russes.

    Steepness, precipitousness, cliff, precipice, talus, scarp, escarp, escarpment, measure of inclination, clinometer.

    Diagonal, zigzag, distortion, hypotenuse, see Angle 244.

    (Verbs). To be oblique, etc., to slope, slant, lean, incline, shelve, stoop, descend, bend, heel, careen, sag, swag, slouch, cant, sidle, skew.

    To render oblique, etc., to slope, tilt, scarp, escarp, bevel, bend, incline, etc., distort.

    (Adjectives). Oblique, inclined, leaning, recumbent, sloping, shelving, skew, askew, slant, aslant, slanting, slantendicular, plagioclastic, indirect, distorted, wry, awry, ajee, drawn, crooked, canted, tilted, biased, saggy, bevel, slouched, slouching, etc., out of the perpendicular, backhanded.

    Uphill, rising, ascending.

    Downhill, falling, descending, declining, anticlinal.

    Steep, abrupt, precipitous, break-neck.

    Diagonal, transverse, athwart, transversal, antiparallel.

    (Adverbs). Obliquely, etc., on one side, askew, edgewise, askant, askance, sideways, aslope, slopewise, all on one side, crinkum-crankum, asquint.

    (Phrase). Facilis descensus Averni.

  • Inversion (Substantives), contraposition, overturn, somerset (somersault or summerset), culbute, subversion, retroversion, reversion, introversion, eversion, transposition, anastrophy, pronation and supination, overturn, antipodes 237.
  • (Verbs). To be inverted, etc., to turn turtle.

    To render inverted, etc., to invert, reverse, upset, overset, overturn, turn over, upturn, subvert, retrovert, transpose, turn topsy-turvy, tilt over, culbuter, keel over, topple over, capsize.

    (Adjectives). Inverted, inverse, upside down, topsy-turvy, top-heavy.

    (Adverbs). Inversely, topsyturvy, etc., inside out.

    (Phrases). The cart before the horse; head over heels; the wrong side up; hysteron proteron.

  • Crossing (Substantives), intersection, decussation, transversion.
  • Reticulation, network, inosculation, anastomosis, interweaving, twining, intertwining, matting, plaiting, interdigitation, mortise (or mortice).

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