(Verbs). To quarter, to divide into four parts, etc.

    (Adjectives). Quartered, etc., quadrifid, quadripartite.

  • Five (Substantives), cinque, cinqfoil, quint, quincunx, quintet.
  • (Adjectives). Five, quinary, quintuple, fivefold, fifth.

    Six, half-a-dozen, sextet.

    (Adjectives). Senary, sextuple, sixfold, sixth.

    Seven, heptad, septet.

    Eight, octad, octet, ogdoad.

    (Adjectives). Octuple, eightfold.

    Ten, a decade.

    (Adjectives). Decimal, denary, decuple, tenth.

    Twelve, a dozen.

    (Adjective). Duodenary.

    Thirteen, a long dozen, a baker's dozen.

    Twenty, a score.

    Forty, twoscore.

    Fifty, twoscore and ten.

    Sixty, threescore.

    Seventy, threescore and ten.

    Eighty, fourscore.

    Ninety, fourscore and ten.

    Hundred, centenary, hecatomb, century. One hundred and forty-four, a gross.

    (Verb). To centuriate.

    (Adjectives). Centuple, centuplicate, centennial, centenary, centurial.

    Thousand, chiliad.

    Myriad, lac, crore.

    Million, billion, trillion, etc.

    (Adjectives). Thirteenth, twentieth, vigesimal, thirtieth, etc.

  • Quinquesection, etc.
  • (Adjectives). Quinquefid, quin-quarticular, quinquepartite.

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