Wherewith to Wine-stone

Wherewith, ad.

    1. With which, wherewithal.
    2. With what.

Wherewithal, ad. See Wherewith.

Wherewithal, n. (Colloq., used with The prefixed.) The means (with which to accomplish any purpose).

Whet, v. a. I. Sharpen (by rubbing).

    2. Stimulate, excite, arouse, rouse.
    3. Stir up, excite, provoke, make angry.
    4. Animate, warm, kindle, quicken.

Whet forward. Whet on. Urge on, urge forward, instigate.

Whet-slate, n. (Min.) Novaculite, whetstone-slate, Turkey-stone, oil-stone, whetstone.

Which, pron. I. What one.

    2. That.

Whiff, n. Puff, blast, sudden gust.

Whiff, v. a. Puff.

Whiffle, v. n. Veer (as by change of wind), turn about, waver, shake, shift, turn, prevaricate, be fickle, be unsteady.

Whiffle-tree, n. Whipple-tree.

While, n. Time, season. space of time.

While, ad. I. During the time that.

    2. As long as.
    3. At the same time that.
    4. Under which circumstances, in which case, though.

While away. Pass away (as time), spend pleasantly.

Whim, n. Freak, fancy, vagary, humor, caprice, crotchet, quirk, whimsey, kink, wrinkle (colloq.).

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