Weather a point to Wherever

Weather a point.

    1. Gain a point toward the wind.
    2. Gain or accomplish anything against opposition.

Weather-cock, n.

    1. Vane, weather-vane.
    2. Trimmer, time-server, fickle person, chameleon.

Weather out. Encounter successfully, though with difficulty; endure.

Weave, v. a.

    1. Interlace (as the threads of a fabric), intwine, plant, plat, braid, mat.
    2. Unite intimately, unite by close connection or intermixture.
    3. Compose, form into a fabric.

Weave, v. n. Work a loom, practise weaving.

Weazen, a. Thin, sharp, lean, withered, shrunken, dried, shrivelled, wizened.

Web, n.

    1. Texture, tissue, structure, textile fabric.
    2. Suffusion (of the eye), film.
    3. Cobweb.
    4. Membrane (as in the feet of swimming birds).

Web-footed, a. Palmiped.

Wed, v. a.

    1. Marry, espouse.
    2. Join in marriage, give in wedlock.

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