Wing to Wood-wax

Wing, n.

    1. Pennon, pinion.
    2. Side-piece.
    3. (Mil.) Flank.

Wing-case, n. (Ent.) Sheath.

Winged, a.

    1. With wings, having wings.
    2. Swift, rapid, fleet, fast, speedy, nimble, agile, flying.

Win golden opinions. Be liked, be in favor, gain commendation, get great praise.

Wink, v. n. Blink, nictate.

Wink at. Connive at, overlook, pretend not to see, shut one’s eyes to.

Winker, n. Blinder (for a horse).

Winking, n. Nictation.

Winning, a Attractive, alluring, pleasing, charming, bewitching, engaging, captivating, fascinating, prepossessing, enchanting, delightful, lovely.

Winnow, v. a.

    1. Fan, clear of chaff.
    2. Separate, part, divide, sift.

Winsome, a. [Scotland and North of England.] Cheerful, merry, gay, lively, sportive, blithe, blithesome, buoyant, jocund, light-hearted, debonair.

Winter, v. n. Hibernate.

Winter-clover, n. Checkerberry, partridge-berry, squaw-vine (Mitchella repens).

Winter-green, n.

    1. Boxberry, teaberry, partridge-berry, mountain-tea (Gaultheria procumbens).
    2. Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata).

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