2. False religion, worship of false gods, irrational worship.
    3. Belief in omens.
    4. Excessive nicety, scrupulous exactness.

Supervene, v. n. Occur (with reference to something that precedes), happen, take place, be added, come as an accessory, come upon.

Supervisal, n. See Superintendence.

Supervise, v. a. See Superintend.

Supervision, n. See Superintendence.

Supervisor, n. See Superintendent.

Supine, a.

    1. On the back.
    2. Indolent, sluggish, lazy, slothful, idle, inert, torpid, languid, dull, lumpish, listless, careless, thoughtless, inattentive, negligent, heedless, drowsy, indifferent, otiose, lethargic, apathetic, sleepy.

Supper, n. Tea, evening meal.

Supplant, v. a.

    1. Undermine, overthrow, overpower, force away.
    2. Displace (by stratagem), replace, remove, supersede.

Supple, a.

    1. Pliant, pliable, flexible, flexile, limber, lithe, lithesome, easily bent, elastic.
    2. Yielding, compliant, submissive, humble, soft.
    3. Servile, obsequious, cringing, slavish, fawning, grovelling, sycophantic, flattering, supple-chapped, adulatory, oily, parasitical.

Supplement, n.

    1. Addition (to supply something wanting), appendix, postscript, continuation.
    2. Counterpart, correlative, complement.

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