Superintendence to Surveillant

Superintendence, Superintendency, n. Supervision, inspection, oversight, care, direction, control, charge, management, guidance, surveillance.

Superintendent, n. Overseer, supervisor, master, conductor, inspector, curator, warden, guardian, custodian, intendant, director.

Superior, a.

    1. High, higher, upper, paramount, more elevated.
    2. Of higher rank, more exalted, more dignified.
    3. Surpassing, noble, more eminent, more excellent, preferable, greater.
    4. Predominant, prevalent.

Superiority, n.

    1. Pre-eminence, ascendency, predominance, supremacy, preponderance, advantage, prevalence, odds.
    2. Excellence, worthiness, nobility.

Superior to. Above, beyond the influence of, unaffected by.

Superlative, a. Supreme, most eminent, greatest, most excellent, surpassing, transcendent, consummate, pre-eminent, peerless, incomparable.

Supernal, a. Heavenly, celestial, divine.

Supernatural, a. Miraculous, preternatural, above nature, beyond the powers of nature, that exceeds the laws of nature.

Supernumerary, a. Odd, redundant, in excess, above the regular number, left over (from a specified number), superfluous.

Superpose, v. a. Superimpose, lay upon.

Superscription, n. Inscription, direction.

Supersede, v. a.

    1. Suspend, annul, overrule, set aside, make void, obviate, neutralize.
    2. Displace, replace, supplant, succeed, remove.

Superstition, n.

    1. Bigotry, fanaticism.

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