Petit-maître, n. [Fr.] Coxcomb, dandy, fop, beau, exquisite, popinjay, jackanapes, jack-a-dandy, man of dress; vain, showy fellow.

Petrify, v. a.

    1. Change to stone, convert to stone.
    2. Make callous, make obdurate.
    3. Astonish, amaze, astound, dumfound, confound, stupefy, take by surprise, strike dumb, stun.

Petroleum, n. Rock oil, mineral oil, mineral pitch, mineral tar, stone oil, Barbadoes tar, Seneca oil.

Petticoat, n. Skirt, woman’s skirt.

Petticoat government. Female government, female home rule.

Pettifogger, n. Petty lawyer.

Pettish, a. Peevish, fretful, petulant, testy.

Petty, a.

    1. Little, small, trifling, trivial, frivolous, inconsiderable, unimportant, insignificant, slight, diminutive, of small moment, of small account.
    2. Inferior, unimportant.

Petty-chaps, n. Fig-pecker, fig-eater, becafico, garden warbler, greater petty-chaps (Sylvia hortensis).

Petulance, n. Peevishness, fretfulness, testiness, waspishness, crustiness, pettishness, snappishness, irritability, ill-temper.

Petulant, a.

    1. Irascible, irritable, fretful, peevish, hasty, touchy, testy, crusty, pettish, waspish, choleric, snappish, snarling, cross, crabbed, captious, censorious, acrimonious, perverse, froward, ill-tempered, out of sorts, cavilling, ill-humored.
    2. Wanton, freakish, capricious.

Pew, n. Slip.

Pewit, n. [Written also Pewet and Peevit.] Lapwing, green plover, bastard plover, wype (Tringa vanellus).

Phalansterianism, n. Fourierism, socialism, humanitarianism, Saint-Simonianism.

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