Perilous to Perverse

Perilous, a. Dangerous, hazardous, full of danger, fraught with danger, full of risk.

Period, n.

    1. Circuit.
    2. Cycle, circle of time, revolution of time, round of years.
    3. Time, term, era, epoch, age, date.
    4. Duration, continuance.
    5. End, limit, bound, termination, conclusion, determination.
    6. (Rhet.) Sentence (full or completed), proposition, phrase, clause.
    7. (Gram.) Dot, full stop.

Periodic, Periodical, a. Recurring (regularly).

Periodical, n. Magazine, review, serial.

Periodically, ad. Regularly, statedly, at stated times, at regular times, at fixed periods.

Peripatetic, a.

    1. Itinerant, walking about, wandering.
    2. Aristotelian, of Aristotle.

Peripatetic, n.

    1. Disciple of Aristotle.
    2. Pedestrian, walker (ludicrously).

Periphery, n.

    1. Outside, surface, superficies.
    2. Perimeter, outer boundary.
    3. Circumference.

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