Picket to Pitch

Picket, n. [Written also Piquet.]

    1. Stake.
    2. Stake, pale.
    3. (Mil.) Sentinel (on the outposts), guard, watchman, guardsman, sentry.

Pickings, n. pl. Refuse, leavings, remnants, remains, odds and ends.

Pickle, n.

    1. Salt and water (for preserving meat), brine.
    2. Vinegar (for preserving meats or vegetables).
    3. Sorry condition, sad plight, predicament (colloq.).

Pick off.

    1. Pluck, pick, pull off.
    2. Kill, wound (as a marksman).

Pick out.

    1. Select, cull, choose, single out, fix upon, pitch upon, extract.
    2. Mark out, variegate.

Picksy, n. Fairy, sprite, pixy.

Pickthank, n. Parasite, flatterer, toady, pleaseman.

Pick up.

    1. Take up, snatch.
    2. Obtain, get by effort.
    3. Get by chance.

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