In terrorem to Inventive

In terrorem. [L.] By way of threat, for a warning.

Interrupt, v. a.

    1. Disturb, stop, break, hinder, cause to delay, cause to cease, interfere with, break in upon, hinder from proceeding.
    2. Separate, divide, break, disconnect, disunite, disjoin, sunder, dissever, sever, cut, dissolve.
    3. Intermit, suspend, discontinue, break off, leave off, cease for a time.

Interruption, n.

    1. Hindrance, stop, stoppage, obstruction, obstacle, impediment.
    2. Intermission, pause, suspension, cessation, discontinuance.
    3. Separation, division, breaking, break, disconnection, disconnecting, disuniting, disunion, disjunction, sundering, severance, dissolution.

Intersect, v. a. Cross, cut.

Intersect, v. n. Cross each other, cut each other.

Intersection, n. Crossing.

Interspace, n. Interval. See Interstice.

Intersperse, v. a.

    1. Scatter or set here and there.
    2. Interlard, mix, diversify by mixture.

Interstice, n. Interval, interspace, intervening space, space between.

Interstitial, a. Intervening, intermediate.

Intertangle, v. a. Intertwist, tangle, entangle.

Intertexture, n.

    1. Interweaving, intertwining.
    2. Interwoven condition, intertwined state.

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