Inventor to Ivory-nut

Inventor, n. Contriver, originator, creator, father, author.

Inventory, n. List (as of the goods of a merchant or of a deceased person), roll, schedule, record, account, register. See Catalogue.

Inverse, a. Inverted (as respects order or relation), reversed, indirect.

Inversion, n.

    1. Inverting, reversing, placing in contrary order.
    2. Inverting, upsetting, turning upside down.
    3. Reciprocal change of place, reversed position.
    4. (Rhet.) Hyperbaton, transposition of words.

Invert, v. a.

    1. Turn upside down.
    2. Reverse, place in contrary order.

Invertebral, Invertebrate, a. (Zoöl.) Without vertebræ, destitute of a backbone.

Invest, v. a.

    1. Clothe, dress, array.
    2. Endow (as with authority or power), endue.
    3. Put at interest (as money).
    4. (Mil.) Enclose, surround, beset, besiege, lay siege to.

Investigable, a. That may be investigated, capable of investigation, that admits of investigation.

Investigate, v. a. Examine, scrutinize, canvass, study, sift, consider, overhaul, explore, probe, dissect, look into, search out, search into, inquire into, follow up.

Investigation, n. Examination, study, scrutiny, inquiry, research, exploration, inquisition, sifting.

Investigator, n. Inquirer, searcher, student, conductor of researches.

Investiture, n. Installation, induction, habilitation.

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