Insult to Interrogatory

Insult, n. Affront, offence, indignity, outrage, abuse, contumely.

Insult, v. a. Affront, offend, abuse, treat with insolence, offer an indignity to, show or display insolence toward, commit an indignity upon.

Insulting, a. Insolent, abusive, vituperative, grossly abusive, contumelious.

Insuperable, a.

    1. Insurmountable, impassable.
    2. Insurmountable, too great to be overcome, that cannot be got over.

Insupportable, a. Intolerable, unbearable, unendurable, insufferable.

Insuppressible, a.

    1. Uncontrollable, irrepressible, not to be kept down, that cannot be held in check.
    2. Impossible to conceal or suppress, that cannot be covered up.

Insurance, n. Assurance, security against loss.

Insure, v. a. [Written also Ensure.]

    1. Make secure, make sure or certain.
    2. Assure, secure against loss, agree to indemnify for loss.

Insure, v. n. Underwrite, furnish insurance.

Insurer, n. Underwriter.

Insurgent, a. Rebellious, seditious, insubordinate, disobedient, mutinous.

Insurgent, n. Rebel, revolter.

Insurmountable, a. See Insuperable.

Insurrection, n. Rebellion, revolt, sedition, mutiny, rising, uprising.

Insurrectionary, a. Rebellious, seditious, mutinous, insubordinate.

Insusceptible, a.

    1. Insensible, unimpressible, insusceptive, not susceptible.
    2. Incapable, incapable of receiving, not admitting, that does not admit.

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