Insensibility to Insulator

Insensibility, n.

    1. Torpor, lethargy, dulness, want of sensibility.
    2. Apathy, indifference, insusceptibility.
    3. Dulness, stupidity.
    4. Unconsciousness, suspension of consciousness, loss of sensibility, suspension of feeling.

Insensible, a

    1. Imperceptible, imperceivable, not discoverable.
    2. Insensate, dull, stupid, torpid, brutish, senseless, without sensibility.
    3. Unfeeling, apathetic, phlegmatic, unsusceptible, unimpressible.

Insensibly, ad. Imperceptibly.

Insentient, a. Inert, senseless, non-sentient. See Insensate, 3.

Inseparability, n. Inseparableness.

Inseparable, a.

    1. Indivisible, not to be separated.
    2. Indissoluble, not to be severed or sundered.
    3. Extremely intimate, constantly together, always in each other’s company.

Inseparableness, n. Inseparability.

Insert, v. a. Set in, place in, put in.

Insessores, n. pl. [L.] (Ornith.) Perchers, perching birds.

Insessorial, a. (Ornith.) Perching.

Inside, n. Interior, interior part, inner part.

Inside, a. Interior, internal, inner, intimate.

Inside, prep. Within, inside of, in the interior of.

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