Impassible to Impression

Impassible, a.

    1. impassive, insensible, indifferent, insusceptible.
    2. Incapable of suffering from external conditions, self-active, omnipotent, above pain or grief.

Impassioned, a. Passionate, vehement, impetuous, glowing, intense, excited, animated, fervid, fervent, zealous, warm, ardent.

Impassive, a. See impassible.

Impatience, n.

    1. Disquietude, restlessness, uneasiness.
    2. Vehemence, impetuosity, haste, eagerness, precipitation.
    3. Lack of forbearance, want of patience, irritability, irritableness, heat, violence of temper.

Impatient, a.

    1. Unquiet, uneasy, restless.
    2. Hasty, precipitate, vehement, impetuous, eager.
    3. Without forbearance, irritable, hot, violent, vehement, testy, fretful.

Impawn, v. a. Pawn, pledge, put in pawn.

Impeach, v. a.

    1. Arraign, accuse, indict.
    2. Arraign for malfeasance in office, accuse of maladministration.
    3. Discredit, asperse, call in question, censure, denounce, disparage, criminate, impair, lessen.

Impeccability, n. Sinlessness, faultlessness, immaculateness, innocence, purity, incapability of wrong.

Impeccable, a. Sinless, faultless, immaculate, stainless, incapable of wrong.

Impede, v. a. Hinder, obstruct, stop, clog, check, retard, delay, interrupt, thwart, restrain, block, encumber.

Impediment, n. Hindrance, obstruction, obstacle, check, bar, difficulty, stumbling-block, encumbrance.

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