Impressive to Incendiary

Impressive, a. Affecting, touching, moving, stirring, powerful, striking, overpowering.

Imprimatur, n. [L.] License to print.

Imprimis, ad. [L.] In the first place, first of all, first in order, first.

Imprint, v. a.

    1. Print, stamp, mark by pressure.
    2. Impress, inculcate, fix deeply.

Imprison, v. a. Incarcerate, immure, confine, commit, shut up, put in duress or durance, place in confinement.

Imprisonment, n. Incarceration, confinement, commitment, restraint, constraint, duress, durance.

Improbability, n. Unlikelihood.

Improbable, a. Unlikely, not probable.

Improbity, n. Dishonesty, unfairness, knavery, faithlessness, bad faith, fraud, fraudulence, want of probity, lack of integrity.

Impromptu, a. Extempore, unpremeditated, offhand, improvised.

Impromptu, ad. Extempore, off-hand, without premeditation.

Impromptu, n. Improvisation, extemporaneous effusion.

Improper, a.

    1. Unsuitable, unsuited, unfit, unapt, inapposite, inappropriate, unadapted, not proper.
    2. Unseemly, unbecoming, indecent, indecorous.
    3. Inaccurate, incorrect, erroneous, wrong.

Impropriety, n.

    1. Unsuitableness, unfitness, inappositeness, inappropriateness.
    2. Unseemliness, indecorum, indecorousness.
    3. Inaccuracy, incorrectness.

Improve, v. a.

    1. Amend, mend, better, meliorate, ameliorate, make better, rectify.

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