Illumine to Impassibility

Illumine, v. a.

    1. Light, illuminate, illume, supply with light.
    2. Enlighten. See illuminate, 4.

Illusion, n. Delusion, hallucination, deception, error, fallacy, mockery, fantasy, phantasm, chimera, false show.

Illusive, Illusory, a. Deceptive, deceitful, delusive, fallacious.

Illustrate, v. a.

    1. Elucidate, explain, exemplify, make clear, make plain, throw light upon.
    2. Adorn with pictures.

Illustration, n.

    1. Elucidation, explanation, exemplification.
    2. Illustrative picture.

Illustrative, a. Explanatory, elucidative.

Illustrious, a.

    1. Glorious, splendid, brilliant, bright, radiant.
    2. Famous, famed, noted, distinguished, renowned, celebrated, conspicuous, eminent, signal, remarkable.

Ill-Will, n. Malevolence, unkindness, malice, enmity, hate, hatred, rancor, uncharitableness, ill-nature, envy, grudge.

Image, n.

    1. Statue.
    2. Idol, object of worship.
    3. Likeness, effigy, figure, similitude, resemblance, picture, representation of an object (real or fancied)
    4. Trope, figurative expression.

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