Iambic to Illuminate


Iambic, n.

    1. Iambus.
    2. Iambic verse.

Ibex, n. Stein-boc (Capra ibex).

Ibidem, ad. [L.] In the same place.

Ice, n.

    1. Frozen water.
    2. Concreted sugar, icing, frosting.
    3. Ice-cream.

Ice, v. a.

    1. Freeze, congeal, convert into ice.
    2. Coat or cover with ice, ice over.
    3. Coat or cover with icing, frost.
    4. Chill, make icy.

Ice-cream, n. Ice.

Iceland-crystal, n. See iceland-spar.

Iceland-spar, n. Calcareous spar, crystallized carbonate of lime, Iceland-crystal.

Ichnography, n. Ground-plan, horizontal section.

Ichor, n.

    1. (Mythol.) Blood of the gods.
    2. Serous humor, watery fluid.

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