Ichorous, a. Serous, watery, thin.

Ichthyocol, Ichthyocolla, n. Isinglass, fish-glue, carlock.

Icing, n. Frosting, concreted sugar (for coating cake).

Iconoclasm, n. Image-breaking.

Iconoclast, n. Image-breaker.

Icterus, n. (Med.) Jaundice.

Icy, a.

    1. Glacial.
    2. Cold, chilling, frosty, intensely cold.
    3. Frigid, indifferent, cold-hearted.

Idea, n.

    1. [In the Platonic philosophy.] Archetype (conceived of as existing from eternity), pattern, model, exemplar, form, essence (common to many individual things and represented by a general term), creative or self- active ideal.
    2. [In the Kantian philosophy.] Supreme principle of pure reason, regulative first principle, highest unitary principle of thought. [There are three such,the Self, the Cosmic Force, and God.]
    3. [In the Hegelian philosophy.] Supreme principle, the Absolute, the Self-existent, as the unity of subject and object, God.
    4. Universal concept, conception, notion, general or universal conception.
    5. Object of thought, image in the mind, mental representation of an object, image in reflection, memory, or imagination.
    6. Impression, apprehension, thought, fancy, conceit.
    7. Opinion, belief, supposition, judgment, sentiment.
    8. Guiding conception, organizing conception, formative notion, regulative principle.

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