Graff to Grief

Graff, n. Ditch, moat, fosse.

Graft, n. Shoot (inserted in another tree), scion, sprout.

Graft, v. a. Ingraft.

Grain, n.

    1. Seed, kernel, matured ovule.
    2. Corn (wheat, rye, oats, barley, maize, etc.), cereals, cereal products.
    3. Particle, atom, bit, scrap, jot, whit, mite, ace, iota, tittle, scintilla, trace, spark, shadow, glimmer.
    4. Twentieth part of a scruple, twenty-fourth part of a pennyweight.
    5. Fibre, texture.
    6. Temper, disposition, humor.
    7. Dye, tint, color, stain, tinge, hue, shade, tincture.

Grallæ, n. pl. [L.] Waders, wading birds, grallatores.

Grallatores, n. pl. [L.] See Grallæ.

Gramineous, Graminaceous, a. Grassy.

Graminivorous, a. Grass-eating, phytophagous.

Grammar, n.,

    1. Accidence, laws or rules of a language, forms of a language, correct mode of writing and speaking a language.
    2. Propriety of speech, right use of language, art of speaking or writing correctly.
    3. Treatise on grammar, manual or handbook of grammar, grammatical text-book.

Grammarian, n. Adept in grammar, writer on grammar, grammatical author.

Granary, n. Garner, corn-house.

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