Grievance to Gyves

Grievance, n.

    1. Hardship, wrong, injury, burden, oppression.
    2. Grief, trial, cause of sorrow, sorrow, affliction, distress, woe.

Grieve, v. a. Afflict, pain, hurt, distress, sadden, agonize, break one’s heart, wound the feelings of, make sorrowful.

Grieve, v. n. Sorrow, mourn, lament, suffer, bewail, feel regret, be sad, be heavy-hearted, be in pain of mind, be anguished.

Grievous, a.

    1. Distressing, afflictive, afflicting, painful, sad, deplorable, lamentable, hard to bear.
    2. Hurtful, injurious, baneful, noxious, mischievous, detrimental, destructive, calamitous.
    3. Atrocious, heinous, flagitious, outrageous, intolerable, dreadful, gross, iniquitous, flagrant, aggravated.

Grig, n.

    1. Cricket, grasshopper.
    2. Sand-eel.

Grill, n. Gridiron, broiler.

Grill, v. a. Broil, cook on a grill or gridiron.

Grill-room, n.

    1. Broiling kitchen, room where grilled meats are served.

Grim, a.

    1. Fierce, ferocious, ruthless, cruel, savage.
    2. Frightful, horrible, hideous, grisly, appalling, dire, horrid, terrific, dreadful, of forbidding look.

Grimace, n.

    1. Distortion of countenance, wry face, contemptuous face.
    2. Smirk, affected face, affected contortion of countenance.

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