Gleeful to Golden

Gleeful, a. Glad, merry, joyous, light, light-hearted, gay, happy, jocund, elate.

Glen, n. Valley, vale, dale, dell, dingle.

Glib, a.

    1. Smooth, slippery.
    2. Voluble, fluent, ready, talkative, nimble of speech, ready in speech, of a ready tongue.

Glib, v. a. Castrate, geld, emasculate, deprive of virility.

Glide, v. n.

    1. Slip, slide, move smoothly.
    2. Flow, lapse, run, roll on.

Glide, n. Lapse, slip, gliding, sliding, continuous motion.

Glimmer, v. n. Shine (faintly), gleam, glitter.

Glimmer, Glimmering, n.

    1. Gleam (of faint, unsteady light), ray, beam.
    2. Glimpse, glance, transitory view, faint view.

Glimpse, n. Glance, glimmering, transitory view. rapid look, momentary perception, glint (Scotch).

Glint, n. [Scotch.] Glance. See glimpse.

Glisten, Glister, v. n. Sparkle, glitter, shine fitfully. See glance.

Glitter, v. n. Glisten, glister, sparkle, gleam, flare, glare, glance, flash, scintillate, coruscate, make a splendid show.

Glitter, n. Sparkle, glister, lustre, brilliancy, splendor, brightness, shine, radiance, gleam, scintillation, coruscation, beam, beaming.

Gloam, v. n. Begin to darken, approach twilight.

Gloaming, n. Twilight, dusk, fall of evening, eventide, nightfall.

Gloat, v. n. Stare, gaze, gaze earnestly, look intently, gaze passionately, gaze with passionate satisfaction.

Globate, Globated, a. Globular, globose, spherical, round, spheroidal, globe-shaped.

Globe, n.

    1. Sphere, ball, orb.

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