Get quit of to Glee

Get quit of. Be freed from, get rid of, get free from, be extricated from.

Get rid of.

    1. Dispose of, shift off, cast off.
    2. Be freed from, be relieved from, be relieved from, get clear of, get quit of.

Get thee gone. Depart, go away, haste away, get out, clear out (colloq.), be off, away with you, avaunt, begone.

Get the hang of. Understand, comprehend, get acquainted with, get accustomed to, get used to, become familiar with, see into, know all about.

Get the start.

    1. Be first, be ahead, get the lead.
    2. Start first, be or get ahead at the start, get a lead at starting.

Get the start of. Be ahead of, have the advantage of, take the lead of, outstrip, get at a disadvantage.

Get through.

    1. Pass through, go through.
    2. Accomplish, finish, complete, do.

Getting, n. Acquisition, acquirement.

Get together. (Active.)

    1. Collect, assemble, muster, convene.
    2. Collect, accumulate, amass, pile up, heap up.
    3. Combine, make up, contrive, conjoin, put together.

Get together. (Neuter.) Meet, convene, assemble, congregate, come together.

Get up. (Active.)

    1. Prepare, make ready.
    2. Print and publish.

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