Deference to Demean one’s self

Deference, n.

    1. Respect, regard, esteem, honor, reverence, veneration, homage, obeisance.
    2. Complaisance, condescension.
    3. Obedience, submission.

Deferential, a. Respectful, reverential.

Defer to. Respect, value, yield to, pay respect to, think much of, think highly of, pay deference to, accord superiority to.

Defiance, n.

    1. Daring, challenge, invitation to combat or contest (of any kind).
    2. Contempt, opposition, spite, despite.

Defiant, a.

    1. Resistant, contumacious, recalcitrant.
    2. Bold, daring, courageous.

Deficiency, n.

    1. Want, lack, defectiveness, insufficiency, scantiness, shortness, meagreness, dearth, scarcity, shortage, deficit.
    2. Failing, failure, frailty, infirmity, imperfection, foible, fault, error, weakness, weak side, blind side.

Deficient, a. Defective, insufficient, imperfect, incomplete, inadequate, unsatisfactory.

Deficit, n. [L.] Shortage. See deficiency.

Defile, v. a.

    1. Soil, dirty, stain, tarnish, make foul or filthy.
    2. Sully, taint, pollute, corrupt, vitiate, debase, contaminate, poison.
    3. Debauch, corrupt, seduce, deflour, rob of virginity.

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